Victoria stone official site ビクトリア・ストン公式サイト

Victoria Stone Official Site

- by the former-staff of Iimori Laboratory -
The Iimori Laboratory had operated until the early ‘90s. Since the internet system was not popular in those days, the information from the laboratory was limited and only for the customers.
It causes the creation of various stories such as Dr. Iimori had never told anyone how to manufacture the stone. That’s not true. The recipe completed by Dr. Iimori has been sealed and kept in the family since when the laboratory was closed.
The re-creation could be possible, however the family prefer not to restart the operation and to keep the value of Dr.’s original creation. For the time being the documents of the former laboratory also have been kept and the organization would be needed. Most of those documents are presented in the Wikipedia article as “飯盛里安” in Japanese version, “Satoyasu Iimori” in English version (the English version is very simple though).
This is the website to present the former laboratory would have made, by the former staff and the family with the collection of those genuine things. All contents and images are belonged to the family and reproduction prohibited.
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